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Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 21, 2009 My First Gymboree Experience

Dear Diary,

You know what?.... Dad, Mom, Ethan and I went to Trinoma today. Tita Julliefer invited us to play at Gymboree for one hour. It should be 4pm but since they weren't there yet, we just walked for a while and window shop @ Toy Factory. I saw Dora there, and Boots too, and Diego, and Barney, and many more! I wanted them all! But mom and dad says we cannot buy it yet. Hmmm....but that's okay because I am so excited to play anyway! While walking, Ethan and I saw the Mery Go Round upstairs and we requested to ride on it! Dad is so kind, he let us ride for once. I love it and so EThan does! After that, we viewed the fountains...I love this mall, it has lots of fountains! After a few minutes daddy said we have to go to Gymboree already because Tita Julliefer and family just arrived. And there then the adventure has began....


Yipee!! I love the slides! I love to barass! I am so good at it already! Ethan is having fun too!! We slide together! Weee......I don't wanna stop this anymore...but mom and dad says we have to go already?! Hmmm is that 1 hour already? 1 hour is too short for me! I wanted more but It seems that I don't have any choice. Ethan was crying, i think he doesn't wanna leave yet too!? BUt mom and dad were still the boss! After playing, we ate at Jollibee, I ordered my favorite - BURGER STEAK! Mom and dad seems not to like Jollibee because they ordered at KFc and ate it there in Jollibee!
What a great adventure! I wish I could go back there again! Or even not in there....even in any other play area again!
Untill next time dear diary! Bye!

Hugs and kisses,

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