My Birthday!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reminiscing That Fateful September Day in 2009

I can still vividly recall what happened more than two years ago back home. Torrential rains poured nonstop for hours, and before everyone else had a clue what was happening, they learned that floodwaters submerged almost the entire metro. The flood waters also badly affected key sub-cities, which are slowly becoming centers of commercialism. Many people died, and it took a long time before rescuers found survivors.
What’s worse is that it took the whole country a long time before it was able to pull itself together and rise from the slump. Even until now, I learned that some provinces haven’t fully recovered yet. I guess the damage to properties and livelihood was even greater than everyone thought it was, and so many are still trying to piece their lives together. That unfortunate event involved heavy rains and strong winds; so two forces of nature were conspiring to cause destruction to the country.
The problem that many faced afterwards was that cleaning services there are not as capable as leaning services here in the USA. Professional cleaners here have no worries about repairing water damaged floors Austin, unlike there were cleaners didn’t have the best and most high-tech equipment.
I just hope that people learned their lessons. After that fateful night, people should be more careful, watchful, and mindful of what they are doing for the environment.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shopping at Tanger Outlet

My family and I went shopping last Saturday at Tanger Outlet in Branson. Mom and Dad bought me and my brother some clothes for Winter. Mom and Dad got me some long sleeve tops, a beanie, sweat shirt, a pants, leggings and 2 pair of boots! My brother also got some long sleeve tops too! We really shopped a lot last weekend, my brother also bought a sweat shirt, boys sweatpants, 6 pair of socks and winter boots! Mom and Dad got their own set of clothes too. Dad bought his winter jacket with some tops, gloves, beanie and scarfs. Mom has a lot of scarfs and beanie already so she just bought some of her tops, gloves, boots and winter jacket! 

Look at our shopping bags here, I hope Mom and Dad were not shocked when they saw their credit card bills! But I bet not coz the items were all on sale and all were on very low prices that's why we were still be able to buy lots of stuff for Christmas! This will be our last shopping for this quarter, I guess we will shop again next year and for summer this time!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What is SMOKE -FREE?

My mom was so happy that I can finally able to read some words now. My new school was a good reading trainer. Some of the words I knew were everywhere so I can easily get to know and familiarize with them. Some words I know were number words such as one, two three and so on and so forth. I also know some words such as the, she, he, they, we, love, me, is, are, daddy, mommy and so many more and most of them were in the books that mommy is reading me.  I also started to read words that posted in billboards, in streets, in ads and in TV. One time I saw the words "SMOKE-FREE" and I ask mom what's that mean. I thought that means that you can smoke anytime you want but it's not. Smoke free means, the area is FREE of SMOKE and in short, smoking is not allowed. But one time I saw a man smoking but mom said it was an electric one so it's safe.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Mom Bought New Domain For Me

Dear Diary,

I am a little bit confused with my feelings right now. I am excited coz Mom bought a domain name for this site and I can't wait to see how it looks, on the other hand I am a little bit sad for I don't wanna left behind this site though I know that some of the posts here were already transferred in my new site. :(
I don't know what to feel, I feel like I still can't let go of this. This is my first site, my first diary and now I am leaving it behind. My mom bought for my FASHION with a sub domain of for my PERSONAL BLOG.
I wish I can use the two but Mom said it's hard to maintain so many blogs. I am taking it from her, she's an expert already. Now, all I have to do is let got of this, and head on to my new WORDPRESS SITE.
I am a little bit sad but looking forward to my new look. Mom ordered a new template already and I am looking foreward to see that.

Good bye BLOGSPOT! Hello .COM!

Hugs and Kisses,

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Birthday Tutu Dress

Dear Diary,

Hello guys, my birthday celebration is gonna be tomorrow. Same as last year, it's pacman's fight! :))
My real birthday is on November 14th but that is Monday so Mom and Dad decided to have it tomorrow, Saturday so everybody who's invited can come. 
I guess everything was set, I am hoping all of my classmates can come and celebrate with me tomorrow for they are the reason why I asked for this party. I wanna celebrate with them and be with them on my birthday.
Mommy made me loots bags, she will be doing the balloon thingy too, and she bought me a beautiful tutu pink and blue dress, perfect for my theme!

Lovely eh? 

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Hugs and kisses.

Friday, November 4, 2011

My Mom Needs a Job

 "Have I told you already that my application for Employment Authorization has been denied due to insufficient documents? That I have to start again, compile all the documents and pay for the application fee of $380? I was expecting I will be applying for work this November and will soon gonna have a job by December but I was wrong, my expectations was changed into disappointments and frustration!
I have so many plans this coming year 2012, first of all I want to get a Family Insurance. This is on top of my priority, I really need to have any insurance for my family. It's hard to always worry, we really need even a Cheap Life Insurance but I cannot find any. We can't afford the other Insurance Quotes I got from different companies. I really need a JOB to afford one. So I am wishing I could get my permit soon and get a job!
I also wanna earn for our vacation. my husband has been working so hard and I can feel how much he wanted to have a leisure time. He can afford it now coz all he is thinking right now is us - his family. He knows hot hard it is not have savings so he's trying to save some for our needs and not for leisure. How I really wish I could work now but I have no choice but to wait till the permit is there."

by: Mommy Jes

My First Mini Give Away

Dear Diary,

I wanted to have my own FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and in order to obtain that, I need 25 likers of my Fan Page. I asked somebody's help and I am so flattered for they acted so quickly.
I would like to thank all my first 25 likers.. I can't thank all of them enough so I am giving away $5 to one of my LUCKY LIKER!

Here are my first 25 likers:

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And the LUCKY LIKER is.....(drum roll please)


Please email mommy your paypal addy and she will take care it for me :)
Thanks again for all my LIKERS!!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Mommy's First SALES

Dear Diary,

My mom had her first SALE of her crochet beanie and scarf. Her blogger friend in US ordered two pairs of them. As her 'buena mano' she sold it for a minimal price compare to her original price.

Here are the scarf and beanie and some free bows for her first 2 Little Costumers

Pink with Purple Beanie and Scarf

Created by : Mommy Jes
Model : Ishi

Purple with Pink Beanie and Scarf

Created by : Mommy Jes
Model : Ishi

Thanks for Purchasing my Mom's Creations Please visit for more designs!
She also has ANGRY BIRD Beanie!!! :)

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Hugs and Kisses,