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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 11, 2009 Baby Alive and Make up For Me If I Dance on My Graduation

Dear Diary,

As what I have said to my last post, today is the second day of our practice. We are going to dance "I like You" and "Sabay sabay tayo". I was inspired to dance because mommy promised to buy me a Baby Alive Go Bye Bye. I love it since the first time mommy showed it to me from the internet. I really love it! I heard it talking and saying "bye bye". I am so excited. After I practiced I asked mommy about the doll she promised. She said hindi graduation daw? I thought after I dance I'll be having it already? Hmmm is mommy "daya" or di kp lang naintindihan? Hmmm Goodluck nalang po sakin....If I don't dance I will not have my precious Baby Alive. =(

That's all for today dear diary.
I wanted to share my pics when I was few weeks old.

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Hugs and kisses,

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