My Birthday!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kitchen Cares

Kitchen has been my partner since I was still young, and now I grew up a little, kitchen still is my partner whenever I am hungry or simply just love to hang out there together with mom. Mom and I love to cook and bake, and so we always understand in terms of kitchen doings.
Mom loves to cook for our dinner everyday and I really like seeing her cooking our favorite dish. I remember about cheap meat slicer I’ve seen in flyers one time and so I told about her. I guess that could make her work easier whenever she cuts meat and cook for our dinner. That would be perfect for her since she always find time to cut meats.
And how I wish I could gift mom and dad a new bench dining set. That would be perfect as well whenever we have dinner data family together.  That fits as well whenever mom prepares our dinner especially if we have visitors at home.
As a child of my parents, I also care for them in little things that I am capable of doing. I always share to them all the things I see that can help them stay healthy. Since mom and dad love to eat dishes that are fatty, I always remind them to maintain their vitamins especially 600 mg DHA omega 3. I may only help them in little ways yet I know it means a lot to them.

EThan's First Tooth Extraction

My son Ethan finally scheduled for tooth extraction last week and thank goodness he participated very well and they were able to extract three of his teeth. I thought he will not be able to make it coz he was afraid of dentist before. I thought the procedure will hurt him and somehow in my mind, I was worried that it might scare him but I was wrong. He did a very good job and the doctors didn't have any problem at all. He was fine and brave! I am so proud of my little angel!

Dental procedures here are great, no wonder they are more far expensive that in our country. I know I don't have to compare dollar to peso but still, it's kinda pricey especially for us that doesn't have insurance or any  discount dental plan. My husband is workin on it, coz with my son's bill, I guess we can't afford it especially now that we need to schedule our daughter too and probably one day my husband and I as well. I am not good at looking for best insurance for us so I am letting my husband look for it so I forwarded this site in addition for his list to check.

look at my brave little boy

I am hoping that we could have our plan this year coz I guess I really need to have my dentures check as soon as possible too. My husband also needs dental help so we really need dental insurance so badly!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Language Translation for your Company

Do you own a company which covers services worldwide? How do you manage to get people’s attraction or a certain group of people to know about your company and services?
There are different races of people living in this world and so the nationality we have as well. Considering that they live from different places, therefore they have their own culture and language that we may not understand. We may have one or at least 2 common languages which we can use to communicate yet there are still plenty of people can’t understand or doesn’t know about some of these common languages we used to have in communicating each other. Good thing that translation has been discovered, hence we no longer need to get worried on how every people communicate or understands each other.  
Same with big companies who do covers worldwide services. They might use English language for everyone to know what they have for their companies yet there are still people who can’t read it well, that’s because sometimes there are countries which prefer to use their native language as their main communication and never focuses to English at all.
Most of the companies which cover worldwide services prefer to use an alternative language for the rest to understand what their company is all about and what service they can provide. Some may worried on where to have this feature for their website, but good thing is that London translation service(s) offers this great features a specific company needs. They can provide you all the language translations you need for your site. Nothing to worry at all!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What does party mean to you?

Parties? Events? How do you usually enjoy it the most? Well, in my age I really love parties especially if my friends are with me. I really love those balloons, games and clown which are prepared for us kids. But I wonder how young adults or simply teenagers enjoy parties and events. Do they enjoy it like us, kids, we do?
There are lots of questions I do ask to my mom and of course there are wonders that she couldn’t explain and I understand it due to my age and I know I won’t a absorbing it to my mind in case of. Well, these are just few of my questions that my mom told me not to do so since I’m still young such as what does party enhancers mean? What does K6 Herbal incense work for? And the spiritual powders too. Well, maybe this time I don’t know that it means yet, if this is good for people to use then soon enough I could appreciate those ones but if they give bad effects to everyone then I probably listen to my mom instead. There could be reason still if this may bad or good to everyone, that it had been legalized. And I’m pretty sure this gives not too much effect since it is an herbal. Well, you guys think of it first I guess. You can check them at Herbal City LLC for more information about it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Organizing Business

Guest post written by Rolf Tate

I’ve started a little organizing business in the community. Basically, I’m really good at organizing spaces and helping people get rid of what they don’t need and organize what they do need. I’ve just been getting jobs by word of mouth so far, but I’d really like to get a webpage to refer people too. I’m curious what satellite internet in my area is available. Once I get connected, and I’m going to ask my neighbor to help me build a website. He does that for a living and we’ve talked about bartering with each other. I have a ton of “before” and “after” pictures of the spaces I’ve organized and I think when people see them, they will see ways that I can help them in their lives, with their spaces. Additionally, I’d like to have a page with all of my prices broken down because that is something I always feel awkward talking about with costumers. It’d be so nice to be able to just refer them to my webpage to find out about all that.