My Birthday!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 5, 2010 Mommy's Birthday!

Dear Diary,

It's Mom's Birthday today! She's already 29. Kinda sad coz Daddy isn't here. This is her first birthday in her married life celebrated without Daddy here on our side =( How I wish Daddy was here to blow candles with us and sing "Happy Birthday" song for Mommy. But it's okay, Mommy seems to be okay and happy. She's going to celebrate her day on Saturday not today coz she has to work =)
I was thinking of a gift...I was thinking of a nap mat or kids bagpack but I forgot, mommy isn't a kid like me. =)) I guess she will more likely to have a house and lot and have a garden on it like in dallas sod. Hmmm...maybe when I grow up, I can buy that for Mommy. =)
Well, all I can say is "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!" I love you! Have a great day and Enjoy!! =)

Hugs and kisses,