My Birthday!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Our New Books, Art kit and Clay

Dear Diary,

Look what we've got! A set of Play Dough, Art Kit and Books!
Mommy bought this online specially for us, she said it's a treat from her blogging juice! 
Thank Mommy! We love it!

Hugs and kisses,

A Phone For Me?!?

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Dear Diary,

Mommy wants to get a phone for me, she was very nervous that me and Ethan are going to go to school three weeks from now and it's our first time to be away from her.  I know mom knows best for us but you think I really need a have a phone? If I am to ask, I would love to have a phone. I wanna call mommy and daddy whenever I want. I can also call a friend in times of boredom. But mommy said I cannot just call anybody I want. She wants me to have a phone for emergency only and just for me to hold and wait for my mommy and daddy's call. That is cool! I am like going to college already just like any others that are hook, line and sinker! Mommy showed me the phone and it's cool coz everything you need was there, a camera, ohh I love camera and a has games too. Mommy is not actually sure yet if the school is gonna allow me to carry a phone but still I am excited. Mommy is now trying to orient me how to use a phone and when is the only time I am going to use it when I am in school. 

Mommy wants to share this video for anybody who also wants to have an affordable phone for kids.


I can't wait to have a phone already!


Hugs and kisses,

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My New Books

PF # 12


Mommy Bought us some goodies from Barnes and Noble online store....
I got two books - Tallulah and Barbie. Ethan got 'Curious George'. We also have new sets of play dough and a box of art stuff with lots of different kinds of crayons, art works and more!
Thanks mommy for sharing your blogging juice with us!

Hugs and kisses,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet Daddy's New Baby - MacMac

Drea Diary,

Daddy and his New Baby Mac-Mac :)
Daddy has another baby again! Daddy bought himself a new MacBook! Mommy said he's been dreaming of it so instead of mommy buying her new pc, she let daddy buy his and the  old one (1 year old) will be hers :D How sweet of mommy! :) 
We went to best buy yesterday, I saw a lots of gadgets not just only for mom and dad but for Ethan and me too! :D We tried to play the leapfrogs, they are very cool stuff! Mommy wants us to buy that toy but she said maybe next time after daddy's turn of buying his stuff. Daddy got his PC for installment zero percent interest after having approved by Best Buy Financing. I guess Dad was very happy coz mom said he is really looking for that financing and was worried thinking not to be approved. I guess having a good  FTC credit score can give you an opportunity to be approve easily. And now that he used credit card again, mommy said he will gain more free credit score ! And after that, daddy can purchase leap frog for us thru financing too.Yipee!
Anyways, aside from Mommy, it's his birthday this August too, and that new baby of him was his treat for his self. 
ADVANCE Happy Birthday Daddy! Hope you enjoy your new baby Mac-Mac! 

Hugs and Kisses,