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Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Tax Time!

It's Tax time again! Daddy is so busy arranging his files for TAX Refund. I overheard him last night complaining that he seem to have a lower tax refund this year and mommy was asking why is that so. I have no idea about what they are talking about but I am certainly sure daddy and mommy is not happy about it.
Mommy was wondering why daddy computed a low tax refund if he got a good one last year? Isn't it supposed to be bigger now coz my brother and I were here with him and he got bigger expenses than last year. They are also talking about having good credit score. I have no idea What is a Good Credit Score  but I know it has something to do with CashMoneyLife  they are also talking about aside from filling tax refunds.
Mom and Dad were wishing for a bigger tax refund so we can be able to get a health card this year and save more money for our future.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Do Women Love Shopping?

As far as men are concerned, women and shopping go together like peas in a pod. I actually don’t see anything wrong with that. In fact, it is the truth; women, in general, really do love to shop. To some women, shopping is therapeutic. It doesn’t matter if they come home with loads of packages from the mall or not even one. It usually is just the matter of being able to while away the time at the mall, looking at pretty things, watching people pass by, and just unwind that attract malls to women and women to malls. Indeed, there doesn’t have to be any actually shopping involved.
This is in stark contrast to what others perceive that women shop and shop because they are trying to outdo one another. Some people think that women splurge on clothes, shoes, and bags because they want to be better than their peers are. This is a very heavy misconception, because the truth is, women are naturally less competitive than other people are.
They don’t shop to compete with others and neither do they do that to make others take notice of them. Women shop because they want to, and that’s it. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Walgreens and Express Scripts: It’s Over

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.



Walgreens and Express Scripts are parting ways, and this news is quite disappointing. Nevertheless, it was inevitable, given the fact that Express Scripts didn’t want to conform to the new terms that Walgreens wanted before renewing their contract, which incidentally expired late last year. What was their demand? Well, Walgreens wanted further discounts for men and women in the military, steady rates, and 90-day refills for customers’ prescriptions. Not bad, right?

However, Express Scripts didn’t agree with this and the negotiations failed. Now, many Express Scripts customers would have to look for new pharmacies just to fill their prescriptions, and some might even have to travel far just to get their medications. This is something that doesn’t sit right with Walgreens, so they are trying to do something about it. They are offering Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens to Express Scripts users who might still want to do business with them. They even have a month-long promo where membership rates are discounted.

Walgreens need the support of their loyal customers. We can show and express this support by liking the fan page of Walgreens on Facebook or following the updates at Walgreens on Twitter. It’s time we make our voices heard.


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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why Link Building Is Very Important

When you manage a website, it’s very important to build links or encourage other websites, hopefully popular ones, to link to yours. The idea behind this is to promote your own website’s popularity and help it rank high in search engines.
As a blogger, it’s crucial for me to get as much incoming links as I can from other websites that have high page ranks, as this would help me establish the credibility of my online presence. Even if my website is full of quality content, but if I am the only one who says so, then all my efforts will be for naught. My website’s value only increases when I have free link exchange with other valuable websites.
Actually, link building works both ways. If you have a website and you link internally to your pages, you’re practically building a system around the pages in your website; thus, you’re allowing search engines to crawl every page that exists within your site. On the other hand, getting free links from other sites is like a vote for your website. It’s as if other websites are endorsing yours, telling everyone that your site is worthy of visits.
Therefore, if you have a website, try to sign up for link exchange programs and services that guarantee a steady stream of links to your site. What’s more, these programs offer other avenues of building links, so you’ll get fresh information regularly. You’d be amazed at how fast you can establish your online presence through it.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

I was happy when I found out that there were clear internet providers in the area that our cabin is in. We purchased a lake cabin about three months ago. This month was the month that the previous owners were vacating and that we could move it. I love to be out in the woods and spend time with my husband at the lake, but I also like to be connected to the outside world. I was worried that we were not going to be able to get an internet connection service that far out. I love to wake up in the morning, read my on-line newspapers and relax. It is part of my everyday routine. I couldn’t imagine not being able to do that when I was trying to relax. I also always like to be around my e-mail because I never know when they are going to need something from me or have a question for me at the office. The cell phone service is a little shotty in the office. I also would rather answer e-mail so that I don’t have to chat with people from work when I am on vacation.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Baby Sling for your Little ones

Carrying a baby is quite difficult especially if there are things you need to bring aside from her or him. Good thing is that there are now baby slings which make your life easier in carrying out your babies. And I am pretty sure that moms and dads out there would be happy to know about this!
 There are different kinds of style you can choose for. But of course, the most ideal one and comfortable to use is the baby hip carrier. Aside from being very friendly and comfortable, it also really relaxes the one who will use this as this lock to your shoulders and to your hips. This sling is very ideal and safe one to use. Even babysitter can use this to make it easier for her or him to take good care of your baby. It gives you hassle free in carrying out other bags and your little ones.
And if ever we would be given a chance to have a younger brother or sister soon, I’ll be telling mom about this so that she can still manage to check all her blog sites. Well, that sounds pretty funny but who knows this 2012, we will be blessed by another baby from God. And I am 100% sure that mom would be happy to know about it too.