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Friday, February 4, 2011

Februuary 5, 2011 My 2D ECHO

Deary Diary,

I just had my 2D Echo in Hi Precision with Mommy, Lola Mama, Lolo Caloy, my brother Ethan and cousin TJ today after my VARICELLA shot yesterday. My Pedia-Cardio said my heart is fine, thank God!

2D Echo procedure ongoing...

Me saying - "I'm Good!"
Lola Mama, Kuya Tj, Ethan and Me after my 2D echo :D

After having a KAWASAKI Disease way back 2007, my heart's left valvula had a "mild mitral regurgitation" or "singaw" in Filipino term. So now, it's my 4th 2D echo already and I still need to continue monitoring my heart to avoid any problems in the future so I need to come back again after 2 years.
Kawasaki is a deadly disease, a very rare one and scary. I really had a hard time having KAWASAKI especially my mom and dad (emotionally, physically and financially) for I was only 1 year and 2 months old. To give you some info about this sickness, here's the symptoms I had before....

Symptoms of KAWASAKI are :
  • severe redness in the eyes
  • a rash on the stomach, chest, and genitals
  • red, dry, cracked lips
  • swollen tongue with a white coating and big red bumps
  • sore, irritated throat
  • swollen palms of the hands and soles of the feet with a purple-red color
  • swollen lymph nodes
Mom and Dad were so scared and became paranoid whenever me and my brother is having a high fever but In God's goodness, we were fine. Hope not to have kawasaki again in the future.

That's all for now! Good day!

Hugs an kisses,

Thursday, February 3, 2011