My Birthday!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bon Voyage My Friend

Dear Diary,

I have a friend here in Arkansas ever since we moved in here. She is Tanya a 5 year old girl like me. she's an American Citizen but her parents are Indian. Her dad is just like my dad, a temporary worker and same job as my dad just from a different company. Her parents are here for more than 7 years now that's why Tanya was born  and raised here and became my friend for more than 7 months.  It's sad coz I have to say goodbye to her this morning. Together with her family, they will going back to India for good. I am so sad my only friend in our neighborhood is now gone. I will miss her so much. I am hoping she could write me when she gets there and still be my friend even we are thousand miles away from each other. She's a nice friend and I love her. I will surely miss her.

Before she leave, Mommy made something I could give her as a souvenir - a Purple and Pink Crochet Beanie and Scarf. She loved it, hope she will always remember me.

Me modelling the Beanie and Scarf for Tanya

Hugs and kisses,

Mommy's Business

Dear Diary,

Mommy was so upset that she was denied with her USCIS Employment Authorization application. She waited for it since JULY and now she was denied. She thought she's gonna be having a job next month. She really wanted to earn now and help daddy with our expenses. Mommy is into blogging, that's her sideline while she's a stay at home mom, she also does balloon decorating but she doesn't have a client yet. She also making some bows and crochet stiffs. She is trying to sell in  online and hoping she got to learn good and effective Online Marketing so she can earn more. Mommy is so creative, she can do a lot of things but she has a limited time and she can't do everything by her self.  I wish mommy could start her online business and run it well while she's processing her employment authorization application for the second time around.

Hugs and kisses,

Friday, October 21, 2011

My First Taxi Experience

Dear Diary,

This month is a hectic month for me and my brother. There are lots of activities going on and  mom and dad feels like having a chaos. Yesterday we had our first literacy night from 4:30 in the afternoon till 6:30 in the evening. Daddy was not feeling well so he went home early  but he wasn't able to drive me to school coz first he still needs to work at home and 2nd he is really not feeling so well that day so mommy called a taxi. I was excited to ride a taxi! It's been 8 months since I rode a public vehicle. I miss the taxi, bus, train, pedicabs, tricycle and jeepneys in our country! There are plenty of public transportation available!  Look, my mom took a picture of me inside the taxi :D

Look at our bill for 20-30 mins ride to my school!!! 
My mom was like "OMG!" so costly!
Mommy was thinking of getting a bike and a trail like this one :)

Hugs and kisses,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall is Here

Dear Diary,

Fall has just started. This morning it was 28 degrees Fahrenheit! So cold! I am freezing! My mommy bought me and Ethan our winter jackets and gloves. She also made a scarf and a beanie for me and soon, she's gonna make one for Ethan too!

Daddy has winter clothes already he had is used last year. But mommy said he still needs to buy some men's winter coats and so does her. We have plenty of shopping to do. We cannot use only one winter jackets, at least two is enough.  I am so excited for the winter and I can't wait to play with snow with my winter outfit. I wish my cough and colds will get better soon, this will stop me from playing with the snow soon. 
I hope my body will be adjusted with the weather soon, I hate sniffing and coughing all the time.

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Hugs and kisses,

Monday, October 17, 2011


Our princess Ishi turns 6

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Hugs and kisses,

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Pink Beanie

Have you seen my Scarf I have joined last Pink Friday? Some of you said it was beautiful and my mom's ears were clapping so hard :))
Now she's so inspired of making a lot of designs. For now, let me share my PINK BEANIE.

Three ways to wear it!

Hope you like it guys!! :) Happy Fridays!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mommy Made Me a Pink Scarf

Dear Diary,

Mommy made me a blue ribbon last week and now she made me a very nice and chic pink scarf!

I love it and I can't wait for the winter, I wanna wear it now and mommy let me wear it this morning to school. Look, isn't it so beautiful in me?

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Hugs and kisses,

My Birthday is Coming Up!

I am going to attend a birthday party this Saturday. I was invited by my classmate Molly and her twin sister Taylor to celebrate their 6th birthday in a park. I am so excited! This is my first time to attend a classmate's birthday party. Mommy said she's excited too and she can't wait for that day.

y birthday is gonna be next month already. Mommy said my Lola Mama said she will be giving me money for my birthday so mom and dad decided to throw a party for me. I am so happy! I thought I am not gonna have one coz mom and dad was thinking of traveling on my birthday instead. The were already looking at HomeAway Holiday-Rentals for a place to go to. Mom was also busy with her cooking when travelling book looking for some  American recipe she could cook for us and bring during our travel. Good thing they change the plan! Now I can invite all of my friends and have fiun with them on my birthday! I am so thankful I have a granny like my Lola Mama!!! I can't wait till November 14th!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New in Town

This guest post from Hong Alexander

Being new in town is fun and scary at the same time but boy can I tell you guys how much I’m loving this town! Ever since I graduated I’ve been looking forward to getting out of my college town and heading to somewhere with more character and New Orleans definitely fits the bill. I found this awesome little house when I got here and put an offer in right away and now I’m knee deep in yard work, kitchen remodeling and  Home Security New Orleans! I really like the independence I feel here and the food scene isn’t bad, either. There are a lot of people my age and fun things to do so I don’t think it will take long for me to feel really integrated in the community. I love my new home and unless something changes I can’t really see myself leaving here anytime soon! I know my parents in Kansas won’t be happy to hear that since they miss me but they can come visit anytime they like!