My Birthday!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 2, 2011 Happy New Year

Dear Diary,

Happy New Year to all! May we all have a fruitful and peaceful year. May our family be together soon and start a new more exciting and peaceful life. This year is an exciting year for us, we will soon be with Daddy in USA, I will have new environment, new friends and new journey. May God guide us, bless us and protect us. :D
That's all I'm wishing for this new year!

So, how's our christmas? Hmm...I had a blast actually!
I've got a lot of gifts from my god parents, I also got some money and mom keep it and soon she'll deposit it in our bank account. :D

The best toy I've got this christmas was daddy's gift - my dream BABY ALIVE that eats and poops :D I so love it! Thanks my daddy!!!

(the night I received it)

(new year's day)

I am wanting this for years and thank GOD for giving my daddy a blessings for he can able to buy me this gift! :D

Our christmas and new year experience without daddy is totally different, it's kinda sad but we just have enjoyed it since it's our last holidays with my grannies.
Yesterday, mom, my brother Ethan and I went to TRINOMA MALL and watched "ENTENG". We enjoyed the movie except for the part where the bad guys (monsters) came out of the scene. Scary!
But all in all I enjoyed everything we've done during holidays, hoping for a holiday with my dad soon!

Just sharing our first pic of this year ----->





There!! Happy New YEar again!!! :D

Hugs and kisses,