My Birthday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I am Ready For Fall

PF # 14 Ready for Fall

My mom is now starting to buy me some fashionable fall clothes. Fall is coming already and must have change my summer outfit into FALL. My mom ordered online for us but few were delivered yet. I am so excited to see the others when I saw the first one that arrived yesterday. Look what mom ordered for me... she asked me to fit this when I arrived from school yesterday. Look at me still sweaty....

Cool eh? I love it and I actually want to wear it but it's too early to wear this coz the weather is still hot :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My First Day in School

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Dear Diary,

Mommy and Daddy was so proud of me and I am happy about it. Yesterday was my first day of school and I can say that I did great and my teacher also told me about it. Mommy and Daddy said two thumbs up for me for being brave and good in school. 

I really had a great time. My first day is a nice experience for me. I love the school set up, the teachers, my classmates and especially the play area!  I also rode a bus yesterday. My mom seemed very nervous but I know she's certain that the bus is safe. She knows what she's doing coz mom knows best and I trust my mom's instinct though sometimes I am stubborn and don't wanna listen to her.  I arrived at school safely, but mom said they checked on me too. They followed the bus and checked if I was safely delivered to school. Delivered? What am I a package? just kidding. I love my parents, they loved me very much. My mom was just over reacting for she want me to have a phone with me in school. She just don't have it coz she didn't found one for me yet. My mom is really considering to have a phone that is everything you need is there. Like when I am bored she said I can play with the games in it, I can also call a friend aside from her calling me and most importantly for my safety.

I am hoping that she could find an affordable on soon if it's permitted in school. Have more stories again maybe tomorrow! I am so excited to show you every activities I had in school! Have a good day!


Hugs and kisses,

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Am Still Young But...

Dear Diary,

I know I am still young. I am only in kinder! That does not stop me from dreaming, does it? I would like to be able to do things my mom and dad can do like buying what they like. Of course that also means I would be able to earn my own money so I can buy what I want. Is it not great if I can earn for my own? That will be fulfilling!

When I grow up I would like to have my own house! I would also like my own car! I will ask help from my mom and dad. Maybe I can look for my perfect car from a Palm Beach hyundai dealer. That would be cool! Can I get it when I reach 18? Who knows? What kind will I buy? Maybe the Hyundai Sonata will fit me perfectly!

Ahh... I wish I am already 18 by now and I already have money stored in my bank account. I can't wait for the day when I have the freedom to buy my own precious things like my own house and my own car even if it's a used cars or new. Yes, I am still so young but I was also told that to be able to achieve my dream I should be able to envision it.

Hugs and kisses,

Friday, August 12, 2011

OPEN House @ Thomas Jefferson

FTF #13
I am going to THOMAS JEFFERSON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL as Kindergarten. Finally the classes will start on Monday, August 15! I am so excited especially when I saw my actual room yesterday when my Mom, Dad, Ethan and Me attended my school 'OPEN HOUSE'. We looked around, and stayed in my actual room while daddy busy filling up the forms and mommy us usual, taking photos and video. Here's some of my Pictures to share on my SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE experience :)

Welcome to my SCHOOL!

I Belong to This class :D

This is my Seat :D
My Soon to be Seatmates

Playing with my SEAT MATE and my Brother

I am gonna enjoy this class for sure! Till next time!

Hugs and kisses,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Living In Convenience

Dear Diary,

As I am preparing for school, let me share a friend's post:

One of the important things I do every month is write checks for bills payment.  Yes.  I do not like it sometimes because...I see how my money is deducted from my bank account!  But what can I do?  This is part of my daily life.  I use and subscribe to services so I can live my life in convenience.  My budget is getting tighter.  I have to look for ways to earn extra income.  Hoping to get one soon.

I am still paying for my house.  Good thing I add extra payment to my mortgage so I can pay it off quickly...cutting down the years ofmortgage payment at least.  Even though my pay check covers all my bills, I do not buy things I do not need.  Instead, I save extra for future use.  When I got sick, my insurance covered most of the claim.  I am so thankful to have a very good insurance.  In these tough times, getting sick is not allowed.

It is always feels wonderful to know that you are on track with your finances.  Will your good financial services leads give you a better outlook on keeping and staying focused on money management?  Absolutely. 

Hugs and Kisses,

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kids Getting Hurt

Dear Diary,

I just wanted to share my friend's post....

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers
I think all parents have a fear of when and how their kids may get hurt. My personal fear is that my children will be involved in a car accidentwhile someone else is driving. It was a long time before I could fully trust my husband or anyone else to drive my little babies around without me being present. The older they get the easier it is for me to let my guard down. I still get slightly queasy at the thought of them riding with someone else but it is not as bad as it used to be. The school where my daughter attends has a rule that states that kindergarteners must be with their parents at the bus stop but first through six graders can wait by themselves. At first, I was in total agreement with this rule. During the middle of the school year I began to think it was kind of silly. My child was intelligent enough to know to stand there and I could be inside watching her from a window while watching the morning news on the newest channel from directtv los angeles. Some parents agreed with me, but it was not enough to change the rule.

Hugs and kisses,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My First Visit to Doctor in AR

FTF #12 

Last Sunday, Mommy and Daddy bought us to CARE EXPRESS Clinic @ Walmart  for our Physical Examination. It's pne of the requirements in school that we need to complete coz I am soon gonna start going to school :D It's our first time and we enjoyed it, the doctor interviewed me and Ethan while Mommy and Daddy was just seating inside and observing and listening to us. The doctor said we are ready to go to except for we have to visit a dentist :P Here's some of my Pics in Pink :D

Mamee and Me in Pink Top and White Shorts
Me and My brother posing infront of the Clinic while waiting....
The nurse getting my Height and Weight measurement

My Brother and I with the Nurse
The Doctor checking on me now :D