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Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Study Area

Dear Diary.

Can you still remember my PINK table that I shared here before? It arrived few weeks ago but mommy forgot to share it here. Here's my PINK Disney Princess Art Desk with Storage Organization
mommy bought me last month. 

I also wamma share my pink RUG for reading area. I love to read on the floor so mommy decided to make us a study area and reading area.

My brother and I love our newly arranged room!

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  1. wow, that's a lovely pink desk Ishi as well as the pink rug. very chic ka talaga

    visiting here from PF

  2. she is very pretty Sis, clean room, liked the pink table and the pink rug, visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too

  3. wow! so cute.. it's good that you have now a reading area and study area. I like the pinkiness of your room. love it!

  4. wow, that's lovely the princess table :) was here for PF :)


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