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Friday, September 2, 2011

Leap pad v/s Cellphone

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Dear Diary,

My mom was torn, She said she love to buy me a leap pad. I have no idea what it is but she showed it to me in the internet. It looks nice to me, I think there are lots of games in there but mommy said she likes this leap pad because it is educational. She want me to learn how to read and this leap pad is a nice educational toy. But mommy wants me to have a phone too. She can't get me both at the same time that's why she is torn.  I guess I should tell her not to  buy me a phone anymore if she really love to buy this leap pad for me. It's fine with me whatever my mom wants to choose, anyway it is a gift. 

But if mom will buy me a phone, I would still be happy to have one. I have seen her looking for phones online but I guess that is not for me but for herself. She is still looking for a better plan until now. She doesn't like to buy a phone yet coz she thinks she will not be needing it this time.  I hope mom will buy me too coz I want the phone I saw in the pictures and videos mommy is watching - the Cute NET10 commercial. She's watching the Real NET10 customer's review and viewing their different phones. I always wanted to have a phone but mom said I am too young. But I hear that there are phones for kids too. So I am still hoping I could have one soon aside from leap pad. 




Hugs and kisses,

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