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Friday, September 2, 2011

My Things Got Labeled by Lovable Labels

Dear Diary,

I love how my mom prepared our stuff in school. I remember all my stuff had my names on it. Even a single small eraser has  label as if somebody will steel it from me! It was funny coz some people (mostly her friends and ometimes Daddy) calling her OC (obsessive complusive). Coz you know why? Even Dad's powder, mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrush has labels on it when he is travelling! Ssshhhh..... :))
But I don't care, coz what like I said, I love how she do it.
Two years ago I was in Nursery, my stuff such as pencils, books, papers etc. have a princess sticker on it. She made it her self. Last year I was in Kinder I and Ethan was in Nursery, our labels has pictures of us on it. Cool eh? Yeah my classmates moms are so amazed with my stickers and I am so proud! Mommy has lots of ideas!
Now that  I am in Kindergarten here in US, mom has new discovery...LOVABLE LABELS stickers! They are AWESOME and mommy loved it because of the durability- it's water proof and long lasting! Look at my stuff here  >>>>

Now tell me who's not gonna love it?
All of my stuff has labels! Different designs and different sizes that fits all my stuff. Now I won't be able to lose my stuff anymore! 

Thanks LOVABLE LABELS and Thanks MOM!

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Hugs and kisses,

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