My Birthday!

Monday, April 27, 2009

April 25, 2009 Bee-sy Day!

Dear Diary,

Today is Djuan's Birthday Party, it was held in Jollibee Hermosa near Lola Nanay's house. I am so excited to attend djuan's birthday because of so much surprises just like his first birthday last year. The party is so much fun, there are lots of games and surprises! I remember crying when I watch his puppet show because it was my first time and it was too loud and the voice was too scary for me. Djuan's birthday party this year is not as grande as last year but it is also fun because of the jollibee team appearance. This is my first time to see POPO, HETTY and Mr. YUM. Whenever I attend jollibee party it's only Jollibee who was performing. I also enjoyed the games, I participated twice and even won with the second one. Ate Aliyyah was with us too and she joined games too, I think she really enjoyed the party and the food. Ethan didn't participated yet because he was too young to partcipate but he has prize like me too because mommy participated in a question and answer game and won a cars for Ethan. Hooray what a happy day! Thanks Djuan for the giveaways and prizes I really enjoy your party!
After the party we went to Lola Nanay's house to visit her while Lola Taba and Ate ALiyyah has to go home in Valenzuela already. Unfortunately Lola Nanay wasn't in her home but we still stayed there for a while with Nanang Gay while waiting for My grannies to pick us up. We went to Sm North for groceries and ate dinner at my favorite play area Mc Donalds!! We went home at around 11pm already, thi is really a bee-sy day for me but I do still have energy actually, I still wanna play but oldies wanted to go home already =)
That's all dear diary.....=)

Hugs and kisses,

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