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Monday, April 13, 2009

Aprl 13, 2009 I'm Enrolled @ La Cabecera Montessori

Dear Diary,

Mommy and I went to La Cabecera this morning, I thought I am going to start schooling now coz' I don't want yet. I still want to play and watch Disney Channel everyday. But I think I have no choice but to get ready coz mommy said I am enrolling now so I could avail the free summer class starting on May 11. So then I am ENROLLED! Mommy seems so excited for me, but I don't know yet what to feel coz all I wanna do now is play and watch. Let's just see what might happen next month. I hope I could enjoy their class rather than stay at home and watch.

My Registration Card and Receipt

That's all for now my dear diary. Have a nice day!

HUgs and kisses,


  1. wow ishie is enrolled for a summer class. good for you young lady. it's always better to go to school than not. mommy knows best. im sure she will still allow you to watch disney channel during weekend :)

  2. wow, enrolled na siya for SY 09-10! ang mahal nman ng tuition niya! at fully paid na ha? iba na talaga pag rich ang parents! :)


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