My Birthday!

Friday, October 7, 2011

My Birthday is Coming Up!

I am going to attend a birthday party this Saturday. I was invited by my classmate Molly and her twin sister Taylor to celebrate their 6th birthday in a park. I am so excited! This is my first time to attend a classmate's birthday party. Mommy said she's excited too and she can't wait for that day.

y birthday is gonna be next month already. Mommy said my Lola Mama said she will be giving me money for my birthday so mom and dad decided to throw a party for me. I am so happy! I thought I am not gonna have one coz mom and dad was thinking of traveling on my birthday instead. The were already looking at HomeAway Holiday-Rentals for a place to go to. Mom was also busy with her cooking when travelling book looking for some  American recipe she could cook for us and bring during our travel. Good thing they change the plan! Now I can invite all of my friends and have fiun with them on my birthday! I am so thankful I have a granny like my Lola Mama!!! I can't wait till November 14th!!

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