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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall is Here

Dear Diary,

Fall has just started. This morning it was 28 degrees Fahrenheit! So cold! I am freezing! My mommy bought me and Ethan our winter jackets and gloves. She also made a scarf and a beanie for me and soon, she's gonna make one for Ethan too!

Daddy has winter clothes already he had is used last year. But mommy said he still needs to buy some men's winter coats and so does her. We have plenty of shopping to do. We cannot use only one winter jackets, at least two is enough.  I am so excited for the winter and I can't wait to play with snow with my winter outfit. I wish my cough and colds will get better soon, this will stop me from playing with the snow soon. 
I hope my body will be adjusted with the weather soon, I hate sniffing and coughing all the time.

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Hugs and kisses,


  1. I wish Philippines got a 28 deg cent weather all the time. Am more of a cold person though I love the sunny weather in the Phils.

    That's a nice coat.

  2. i love to get a chance to wear winter clothes:) Good for you Ishi that you got a mom who knows how to make you your own scarf and beanie:)

  3. you look more prettier with that nice coat :)
    visiting for PF

  4. cute winter pink jacket and cute little girls as well. visting from PF..see yah

  5. before you know it, winter na naman. cute pink coat :)

    visiting you from PF. hope you can visit me back at BESPECTACLED ME

    thanks, and see you around!

  6. Ishi, can you please send some snow over here? you're so cute!

  7. aw.. her jacket is so cute! kaka umpisa palang pala ng fall dyan sis? pero ang lamig nyang 28F ha! pang winter na temp. dito nasa 50F palang.

    my entries pala are Pink Smiley Tshirt
    Pink Jelly Fishes

  8. Yah, that is what we need here as Fall is really getting colder. Anyway, you look cute girl on your pink winter jacket.. Visiting from PF! Hope you can visit too, if you haven't done yet:)

  9. It'll be very cold so be prepared!
    We've been shopping around for winter clothes too! even looking for a sled! Buy one, too. For sure you'll have fun!
    happy PF!

  10. awww she is so cute and pretty in her pink coat, visiting for PF Sis, hope that you will visit me back too

  11. that's a pretty pink jacket you have on Ishi. sorry about the weather there that brings you cold and cough. hope you'll get used to it

    visiting here from PF

  12. Ishi is all set fro the winter.....

    It is good to see that you guys are adjusting well in the US...

    Visiting from PF hope you can visit me back...

  13. Thank you for joining Pink Fridays # 93. Hope to see you again this Friday! By the way, followed you as "Pink Thoughts" at your GFC widget. Hope you can follow me back at Thanks!!!

  14. great jackets to welcome the cold season, be healthy and safe!

    visiting for PF#93...followed you as Icar on GFC!

  15. cute! :) prepared na siya for the cold weather. My PF entry @ Jolly toes.

  16. same here, am dying to wear those winter gears! :)

    Visiting via PF


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