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Friday, October 28, 2011

Bon Voyage My Friend

Dear Diary,

I have a friend here in Arkansas ever since we moved in here. She is Tanya a 5 year old girl like me. she's an American Citizen but her parents are Indian. Her dad is just like my dad, a temporary worker and same job as my dad just from a different company. Her parents are here for more than 7 years now that's why Tanya was born  and raised here and became my friend for more than 7 months.  It's sad coz I have to say goodbye to her this morning. Together with her family, they will going back to India for good. I am so sad my only friend in our neighborhood is now gone. I will miss her so much. I am hoping she could write me when she gets there and still be my friend even we are thousand miles away from each other. She's a nice friend and I love her. I will surely miss her.

Before she leave, Mommy made something I could give her as a souvenir - a Purple and Pink Crochet Beanie and Scarf. She loved it, hope she will always remember me.

Me modelling the Beanie and Scarf for Tanya

Hugs and kisses,


  1. Look cute my dear. happy Pink Friday. Mine is up too.

  2. awww, perfect colors and I love it :) I hear you, my dear. I have friends also who became close to me and all of a sudden they have to go somewhere. It's sad. But you know what's fun is that you can still communicate to each other through letters, emails, chats and even postcard exchange. :D Your mom is expert to this, consult her. :) Visiting from Pink Fridays.

  3. Sweet girls:)

    Visiting for PF!

    Hope you can visit me too:)

  4. Two sweet girls wearing pink, so lovely, visiting from PF, following.

  5. awwww sweet friends, sometimes life is like that, we have to say goodbye to someone we care for, looking adorable as always on your scarf and hat, visiting for PF, hope that you can visit me back too

  6. distance is not a hindrance to your friendship...she will always remember you because of the pretty scarf and beanie you gave her...

    blog hopping for PF#94...


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