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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 10, 2009 My First Day Of School

Dear Diary,

I just came from school today, I've already met some of my classmates and some are not yet because some were absent. Mommy and daddy were both very supportive, daddy was the one who gave me bath today and the one who assist me in dressing up while mommy was taking a bath. I can feel how much they love me with their simple ways. I love it when they are both giving me attention. Too sad daddy has to go to work and can't come with us to school. But I am still thankful coz' mommy was always there to guide us while daddy is at work. I totally understand that daddy has to work during weekdays and mommy is not around during weekends because of her work too. I know they're doing all of those for Ethan and Me. Mang Meto is the one picking us up to school. He's a pedicab driver living near our place. How I wish Lolo Caloy could drive me to school using Lola Mama's Innova car sometime. Unfortunately he's busy and I think the innova needs an audi turbocharger upgrade first. Actually my school is just a few blocks away so no need for a car, a pedicab will do =)
That's all for now dear diary, i have to rest now and prepare for another another day of school. Good day!

Hugs and kisses,

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