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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shopping at Tanger Outlet

My family and I went shopping last Saturday at Tanger Outlet in Branson. Mom and Dad bought me and my brother some clothes for Winter. Mom and Dad got me some long sleeve tops, a beanie, sweat shirt, a pants, leggings and 2 pair of boots! My brother also got some long sleeve tops too! We really shopped a lot last weekend, my brother also bought a sweat shirt, boys sweatpants, 6 pair of socks and winter boots! Mom and Dad got their own set of clothes too. Dad bought his winter jacket with some tops, gloves, beanie and scarfs. Mom has a lot of scarfs and beanie already so she just bought some of her tops, gloves, boots and winter jacket! 

Look at our shopping bags here, I hope Mom and Dad were not shocked when they saw their credit card bills! But I bet not coz the items were all on sale and all were on very low prices that's why we were still be able to buy lots of stuff for Christmas! This will be our last shopping for this quarter, I guess we will shop again next year and for summer this time!

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