My Birthday!

Friday, November 4, 2011

My First Mini Give Away

Dear Diary,

I wanted to have my own FACEBOOK FAN PAGE and in order to obtain that, I need 25 likers of my Fan Page. I asked somebody's help and I am so flattered for they acted so quickly.
I would like to thank all my first 25 likers.. I can't thank all of them enough so I am giving away $5 to one of my LUCKY LIKER!

Here are my first 25 likers:

Gagay Dinampo
Humprey Avila
Yami Torrecampo
Haze Holbrook
Ruby Ricafrente
Mitch Carvalho
Nora Aquino
Dorry Lyn
Cheerful Dimaculagan
Jesselyn Lising
Honney Marie NAtividad
Cecile Cinco
Crystal Cruz
Rc Gwenful
Elisa Quidlat
Mel Cole
Matsumo Chan
Che Ramos
Gessa MArie Bartolaba Condino
Chie Lopez
Sachith Lakshika
Caloy Lising
Momi Jes

And the LUCKY LIKER is.....(drum roll please)


Please email mommy your paypal addy and she will take care it for me :)
Thanks again for all my LIKERS!!!

Hugs and Kisses,


  1. I'm happy to be one of Ishi's fan page likers. And thank you sis for the prize. Ganda ng Sunday ko. :)

  2. Happy 6th Birthday to Ishi! :)


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