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Friday, November 4, 2011

My Mom Needs a Job

 "Have I told you already that my application for Employment Authorization has been denied due to insufficient documents? That I have to start again, compile all the documents and pay for the application fee of $380? I was expecting I will be applying for work this November and will soon gonna have a job by December but I was wrong, my expectations was changed into disappointments and frustration!
I have so many plans this coming year 2012, first of all I want to get a Family Insurance. This is on top of my priority, I really need to have any insurance for my family. It's hard to always worry, we really need even a Cheap Life Insurance but I cannot find any. We can't afford the other Insurance Quotes I got from different companies. I really need a JOB to afford one. So I am wishing I could get my permit soon and get a job!
I also wanna earn for our vacation. my husband has been working so hard and I can feel how much he wanted to have a leisure time. He can afford it now coz all he is thinking right now is us - his family. He knows hot hard it is not have savings so he's trying to save some for our needs and not for leisure. How I really wish I could work now but I have no choice but to wait till the permit is there."

by: Mommy Jes

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