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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reminiscing That Fateful September Day in 2009

I can still vividly recall what happened more than two years ago back home. Torrential rains poured nonstop for hours, and before everyone else had a clue what was happening, they learned that floodwaters submerged almost the entire metro. The flood waters also badly affected key sub-cities, which are slowly becoming centers of commercialism. Many people died, and it took a long time before rescuers found survivors.
What’s worse is that it took the whole country a long time before it was able to pull itself together and rise from the slump. Even until now, I learned that some provinces haven’t fully recovered yet. I guess the damage to properties and livelihood was even greater than everyone thought it was, and so many are still trying to piece their lives together. That unfortunate event involved heavy rains and strong winds; so two forces of nature were conspiring to cause destruction to the country.
The problem that many faced afterwards was that cleaning services there are not as capable as leaning services here in the USA. Professional cleaners here have no worries about repairing water damaged floors Austin, unlike there were cleaners didn’t have the best and most high-tech equipment.
I just hope that people learned their lessons. After that fateful night, people should be more careful, watchful, and mindful of what they are doing for the environment.

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