My Birthday!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 13, 2009 My 4th Birthday Celebration

Dear Diary,

I am so happy today dear diary. Just celebrated my 4th birthday in school. First, daddy bought me a doll house, mommy bought me a wonderful cake, made me a beautiful give aways and ordered so yummy Jollibee foods for my birthday. My classmates really enjoyed the food, I didn't able to finish my food because of excitement. They also enjoyed the cupcakes and my giveaways and I enjoyed distributing them. I really enjoyed this day of mine. Hope I could spend my birthday yearly in school. One thing more I enjoyed today were my gifts! Thanks to all of them! Thank you mommy and daddy! I know mom and dad were more excited than me. Dad was very excited to buy me my present and mom was so busy preparing my birthday stuff. I know Mom has so many things to do but she prioritized my birthday first above anything else. Now she's planning on EThan's 3rd birthday on January. But she still busy making list so she can shop christmas gifts. She's making a hard time choosing gifts because they were all budgeted now. She likes to try some gift items she loves like terry bath robe, waffle bath robe and bath wrap. I hope she could sell more houses so she could able to buy what she wants. I think she really planned my birthday so well because she was able to sell houses this past few months. Hope she could have more this month. That's all for now dear diary, good day!

Hugs and kisses,

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