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Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 05, 2009 2nd Quarter Ongoing....

Dear Diary,

Our second quarter examination just started. We didn't able to have our exam last month due to so many typhoons passed by. We also had our field trip...i really enjoyed that field trip...I'll be posting about that soon. For now just wanted to share my exam....mommy tried to review me but as usual, we end up fighting again! I also said to my mom that I don't wanna go to school anymore! Mommy said I can't do that coz If I don't go to school I can't able to work someday and I will not be able to buy the things I I did go to school. I started taking up my exam at 7:10 in the morning coz my schedule is 7-10, unfortunately I was able to finish my exam at 9:30 already. I really don't wanna read. That's part of my exam so mommy talked to me and said I have to read so daddy will buy me a doll house on my birthday! I really like that doll house, and a big princess doll too, I also want a play dough and more! Mommy said I will able to have those if I listen and follow instructions.
Mommy also told me about moving to US next year if daddy passed the interview and other tests. Mommy said I can be able to play with the snow and go to Disneyland someday! Mommy said I have to pray hard so daddy will get that opportunity. If ever that happens, mommy said I will surely love in there! I think I have to start praying now. I can imagin our family moving now so better practice calling toll 1-800-431-3920 for Moving Companies Los Angeles!
That's all for now dear diary! Hope daddy gets that opportunity! God Bless Us!

Hugs and kisses,

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