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Friday, May 22, 2009

MAy 22, 2009 Attended Aerobics with MOM

Dear Diary,

Mom invited me and Tita Monica to her aerobic session in the gym near our village today. It's my first time to attend mom's aerobic class. The last time I went to that gym was last Christmas 2008 and I remember using the electric treadmill there. I really wanted to come back there again after that day but mom and dad wasn't able to brought me there again not until this time. I am so excited when Mommy told me that we were going to the gym that day. I really enjoyed the day I came to that gym again. I danced with mommy and also did some abs exercise! That was so cool! I also love playing in their equipments but mommy keeps on stopping me so worried that I might get hurt. Despite of that,I'm sure I will never forget this moment with my mom. Thanks to Tita Monica for accompanying me because I believe that if she wasn't there, mommy will never had a chance to invite me there. Mommy said she really wanted to bring me everytime she had an aero class and watch her dance but there's nobody can look after me there. I wish to come back there soon and dance with mommy again!

Gosh, this is really a fun adventure dear diary, hope to have more stories to tell and share to you! Good day!

Hugs and kisses,

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