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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MAy 13, 2009 My Third Day of Summer Class and My New Stuff

Dear Diary,

If Mommy didn't accompany me yesterday that's because she has something to do that day. She's said she wants to bring me and even fetch me in school personally because daddy doesn't want a school bus or any service vehicle without mommy with me. If ever she's not available, Lola Taba and Lolo Caloy can pick me up.
You know what dear diary? Mommy bought me new stuff! I got a new Uniform! This is not my first coz I've got uniform already when I joined "saling pusa" last year in Sto. Nino School. But this is different of course. I also have a P.E. Uniform, new books, notebooks, and other stuff like diary (assignment notebook) and cloth mat. Mommy bought them all in school. Mommy said we will be buying my trolley bag and other stuff at the end of this month. Hooray!!! I've been waiting for that trolley bag for a long time. Mommy and Daddy didn't buy me one last year because they said I don't need it yet. I can't wait to buy my trolley already! Anyway, that's all for now, before I go let me share you first some of mommy's shots....

Hugs and kisses,

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