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Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 21, 2009 Last Day of Summer Class

Dear Diary,

So sad my summer class has to end today. It's only 8-day free summer class. It seems so short to me.... I was just starting to enjoy it. But it's okay coz I know I have learned so many things in that short period of time. I can now stay in class for 2 hours without my mommy. I can now eat my food without mommy or any assistance from my teacher. I know how to throw trash in the trashcan already because mommy wasn't there to throw trash for me. I also swept my own mess. I can now go to the bathroom with teacher and not with mommy. I already pooped once during school time and have assisted and washed by teacher. I remember mommy telling her experiences with kids when she was still a preschool teacher. She also does things like this. Hmmm.....teachers are nice, their like parents to us. At least mommy doesn't have to worry if ever I need to poop and wee wee if she's not around in school.
For now, all I have to do is wait for JUNE 8 to come. That's the first day of school year 2009-2010. I am now officially NURSERY or JUNIOR CASA (La CAbecera's Own Term) and not SAling Pusa! Everthing will be different now. Everything will be serious now.
I am almost ready on June 8, I am enrolled, I have books, notebooks and uniforms. All I need to buy now is my trolley bag that I've been waiting for so long, and some things like crayons, pencils, expandable plastic envelope for my grooming kit, etc, I think we're going to buy those on the first week of JUNE. I am so excited to buy a trolley bag, I actually still wanted DORA or Princess design. Well let's just see if I can find dora trolley bag soon. that's all for now, I'll update you soon! Good day!

Hugs and kisses,

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