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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Disneyland California

Mom and Dad told me that they are planning to go to California this Summer or on Daddy's 30th Birthday on August. They said we wanted to go to the Beach. We love to go to beaches when we were still in the Philippines and I am missing it. During summer time, we are always in beaches and resorts. We can't do that here in Arkansas coz beaches here are far from us  but there are plenty of waterparks to go to if you want. The nearest place where we can visit to see beaches are TEXAS, HAWAII and FLORIDA . Mom and Dad chose CALIFORNIA coz Disneyland there is bigger and from there we can also visit our relatives! We originally wanted to go to Florida so we can also go to beaches but we decided to visit CALIFORNIA first.  So, Yeah were going to disney land and I am uber dooper excited  coz I've never been there yet.  I am praying so hard that this trip will happen soon! Daddy said he's looking now for a cheap airfare, hotels. car rents and disneyland tickets costs. I hope mom and dad can afford it. This is gonna be fun fun fun!

I can't wait to see my favorite disney characters especially Mickey and Friends and Princesses! Mom and Dad haven't visit any disney land yet so if ever we go there, this is gonna be all our first time! 

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