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Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Tax Time!

It's Tax time again! Daddy is so busy arranging his files for TAX Refund. I overheard him last night complaining that he seem to have a lower tax refund this year and mommy was asking why is that so. I have no idea about what they are talking about but I am certainly sure daddy and mommy is not happy about it.
Mommy was wondering why daddy computed a low tax refund if he got a good one last year? Isn't it supposed to be bigger now coz my brother and I were here with him and he got bigger expenses than last year. They are also talking about having good credit score. I have no idea What is a Good Credit Score  but I know it has something to do with CashMoneyLife  they are also talking about aside from filling tax refunds.
Mom and Dad were wishing for a bigger tax refund so we can be able to get a health card this year and save more money for our future.

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