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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why Link Building Is Very Important

When you manage a website, it’s very important to build links or encourage other websites, hopefully popular ones, to link to yours. The idea behind this is to promote your own website’s popularity and help it rank high in search engines.
As a blogger, it’s crucial for me to get as much incoming links as I can from other websites that have high page ranks, as this would help me establish the credibility of my online presence. Even if my website is full of quality content, but if I am the only one who says so, then all my efforts will be for naught. My website’s value only increases when I have free link exchange with other valuable websites.
Actually, link building works both ways. If you have a website and you link internally to your pages, you’re practically building a system around the pages in your website; thus, you’re allowing search engines to crawl every page that exists within your site. On the other hand, getting free links from other sites is like a vote for your website. It’s as if other websites are endorsing yours, telling everyone that your site is worthy of visits.
Therefore, if you have a website, try to sign up for link exchange programs and services that guarantee a steady stream of links to your site. What’s more, these programs offer other avenues of building links, so you’ll get fresh information regularly. You’d be amazed at how fast you can establish your online presence through it.

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  1. Maybe I should start link building too.. thanks for the info!


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