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Friday, January 6, 2012


Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

I was happy when I found out that there were clear internet providers in the area that our cabin is in. We purchased a lake cabin about three months ago. This month was the month that the previous owners were vacating and that we could move it. I love to be out in the woods and spend time with my husband at the lake, but I also like to be connected to the outside world. I was worried that we were not going to be able to get an internet connection service that far out. I love to wake up in the morning, read my on-line newspapers and relax. It is part of my everyday routine. I couldn’t imagine not being able to do that when I was trying to relax. I also always like to be around my e-mail because I never know when they are going to need something from me or have a question for me at the office. The cell phone service is a little shotty in the office. I also would rather answer e-mail so that I don’t have to chat with people from work when I am on vacation.

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