My Birthday!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My First Visit to Doctor in AR

FTF #12 

Last Sunday, Mommy and Daddy bought us to CARE EXPRESS Clinic @ Walmart  for our Physical Examination. It's pne of the requirements in school that we need to complete coz I am soon gonna start going to school :D It's our first time and we enjoyed it, the doctor interviewed me and Ethan while Mommy and Daddy was just seating inside and observing and listening to us. The doctor said we are ready to go to except for we have to visit a dentist :P Here's some of my Pics in Pink :D

Mamee and Me in Pink Top and White Shorts
Me and My brother posing infront of the Clinic while waiting....
The nurse getting my Height and Weight measurement

My Brother and I with the Nurse
The Doctor checking on me now :D


  1. goodluck to both of both of u.

  2. So cute! I love the mommy-daughter pink coordinates. :D

    My pink entry is up! AND colorful weekend is up
    too, yay!

    P.S. Happy birthday to Ishi's mommy!

  3. Hi girl:) You look like your Mommy:) Mother and Daughter team, cute tops too:) Visitinf from PF-


  4. Looks sexy and cute both of you...Happy PF!

  5. all smile and ishi kahit nasa clinic,ang cute.. and ethan, mukhang serious sa isang pic..

  6. Hello Sis,
    she is a trooper, check-up is a routine before to go back to school. My kids will have them pretty soon. Your kids are adorable. Visiting from PF, hope you can visit me here


  7. Hmmmmm looks like something is wrong here, I can only see the codes instead of the photos. Or sa akin lang?

  8. Pretty girl in a baby pink shirt! So cute! Good luck with schooling little lady! I'm sure you'll have fun! :)

    Thanks for visiting my PF entries. If you haven't yet, you still are welcome!
    Pink Scarf in my Friend's Neck
    Nike Duffel Bag
    Pink Hyacinth

    Thanks and have a great day!


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