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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011 School Enrollment

Dear Diary,

Last Friday, daddy used his lunch break to enroll me and my little brother in our future school for year 2011-2012. We headed to Early Childhood Center first, they enrolled my brother there as Pre-k. My brother finished nursery level in the Philippines already but school policy here is different so Ethan is soon to be a pre-k which is the same as nursery level because he is only 4 years old. Ethan's school was cool, there are lots of toys everywhere and it was so colorful but the building seemed small to me. I guess maybe because there are only Pre-k's in there. After filling up for so long with different forms like what happened in IRS the last time we went filing taxes and applying for my ITIN. How come filling up forms were taking adults so long and even had a hard time looking for the irs extension form in the lobby. I really hate that filling part, so boring! So back to my story, after Ethan's enrollment, it's finally my turn and to my surprise we just drove a few blocks away from Ethan's school and were in Thomas Jefferson Elementary School already, my future school! I can't believe I am enrolling already that time! My enrollment process was a little bit shorter than Ethan's, daddy just filled out some few papers and they have me signed on the last page of the forms and were done! But we didn't go home immediately coz I wander around in the lobby first. I love the school! It's big and there are lots of kids like me studying! Forget what I have said before that I don't wanna go to school yet, coz I am now so excited and can't wait for the start of school!!!
That' all for now! Good day everyone!

Hugs and kisses,

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