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Monday, July 6, 2009

July 06, 2009 Just Got Home From The Hospital Today

Dear Diary,

I am sick again for the second time. The last time was just a simple fever with colds, this time it's different, I have so high fever and I am vomiting the whole night. Every solid or liquid food I intake, my stomach still throwing it up! Mom and Dad were so worried, until that morning they decided to bring me to the hospital already for I might suffer from dehydration. The doctor let me go home instead of confining me there coz I didn't vomit already. I know that was strange but that's true, I didn't vomit anymore. Now I am here at home, taking medicines I can't really take until mom has to force me already. Mom and Dad were really worried to me and also to my brother Ethan coz he also had a fever the other day. Mom and Dad were also worried with my studies. How I wish I could go to my class already but for sure mom will not allow me yet until I fully recover. I still need a rest, I am still shaking and we still don't know why I am feeling such things yet. I am still under observation. Mom told me that she will allow me to go to school in my condition if there's a direct TV or DISH network in our school but there's none. I don't know the difference of these Directv vs. Dish. All I know is that mom really wants to monitor me every single seconds of my life whether I'm sick or not.
That's all for now dear diary, Hope to get better soon so I can play to Mc Donalds playland already and eat chicken(fried foods are not allowed this time).

Hugs and kisses,


  1. so sorry to hear that..hope everything is fine now with you Ishi...

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  2. oh I hope Ishi will be fine in not time.. sige Mommy Jess panoodin mo lang lage sa direct tv hihi

    comment back tracking ako hehe.. andun pa lang ako sa comment mo about sa mga kids blaming their dads.. hay naku challenging talaga ang maging nanay no..

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