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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EThan's First Tooth Extraction

My son Ethan finally scheduled for tooth extraction last week and thank goodness he participated very well and they were able to extract three of his teeth. I thought he will not be able to make it coz he was afraid of dentist before. I thought the procedure will hurt him and somehow in my mind, I was worried that it might scare him but I was wrong. He did a very good job and the doctors didn't have any problem at all. He was fine and brave! I am so proud of my little angel!

Dental procedures here are great, no wonder they are more far expensive that in our country. I know I don't have to compare dollar to peso but still, it's kinda pricey especially for us that doesn't have insurance or any  discount dental plan. My husband is workin on it, coz with my son's bill, I guess we can't afford it especially now that we need to schedule our daughter too and probably one day my husband and I as well. I am not good at looking for best insurance for us so I am letting my husband look for it so I forwarded this site in addition for his list to check.

look at my brave little boy

I am hoping that we could have our plan this year coz I guess I really need to have my dentures check as soon as possible too. My husband also needs dental help so we really need dental insurance so badly!

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