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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tail Gate @ Thomas Jefferson

It's my first time to hear TAIL GATE and it's my first time to attend this kind of school event. Mom and Dad were there together with my brother. There are plenty of activities and games given to all of the students and they also set up lots of inflatables and my brother and I can play with all of them coz mom and dad purchased a ride all you can bracelet! Awesome right? It's like we were in trade show exhibits or a carnival with lots of table top display  with a colorful table covers!
My brother and I first went to inflatables, we bounced and slide with my classmates and really had fun. After several minutes we tried the different games being prepared. We played mini golf, Frisbee, fishing and more! My personal favorite was the fishing, it's like you are really fishing in a lake! After that we gathered a lo \t of prizes, we went back to the inflatables and bounced all night and we even forgot our dinner, the cafeteria was already closed coz the foods were all sold out!  Mom and dad just brought us to KFC and had our dinner there instead.
That was a great experience that I will never forget!

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