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Friday, February 24, 2012

Clipix - My Mom's New Addiction

My mom was started to get busy again. She has so many stuff online and she's always busy working infront of her computer. She's busy blogging, sometimes facebook'ing, uploading photos of my events, my videos from my cheerleading class and  so many online things! My mom was confused already, i guess. She have a bad memory and she's always forgetting where did she put some of her online files. She always forget where she uploaded my videos and she hates that. But this time she's so happy she found clipix. Mommy said it's her new organizer and she seem to love it coz she's been organizing her stuff for 3 days straight now. I guess this is really a nice one.

Look what mommy have made to all her handmade stuff that she's selling online. I am her model that's why I love seeing her store everytime. 


Aside from this clipboards, she also have the collection of my cheerlieading  videos from you tube, now she won't  be having a hard time looking for it coz it's all put together in one place.

If you think clipix is cool, you should start making one already, here's a video that mom is watching when she started creating her account.


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