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Friday, July 29, 2011

A Phone For Me?!?

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Dear Diary,

Mommy wants to get a phone for me, she was very nervous that me and Ethan are going to go to school three weeks from now and it's our first time to be away from her.  I know mom knows best for us but you think I really need a have a phone? If I am to ask, I would love to have a phone. I wanna call mommy and daddy whenever I want. I can also call a friend in times of boredom. But mommy said I cannot just call anybody I want. She wants me to have a phone for emergency only and just for me to hold and wait for my mommy and daddy's call. That is cool! I am like going to college already just like any others that are hook, line and sinker! Mommy showed me the phone and it's cool coz everything you need was there, a camera, ohh I love camera and a has games too. Mommy is not actually sure yet if the school is gonna allow me to carry a phone but still I am excited. Mommy is now trying to orient me how to use a phone and when is the only time I am going to use it when I am in school. 

Mommy wants to share this video for anybody who also wants to have an affordable phone for kids.


I can't wait to have a phone already!


Hugs and kisses,

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