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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Travel To Texas

Dear Diary,

We just had our first vacation to TEXAS last weekend just in time for Memorial day. Daddy has no work on Monday so he decided to take us to Texas for 2 night and 2 days. We didn't do much things on that day, we just stayed in a hotel, just like an ordinary day except for we enjoy the two different bedrooms from 2 different hotels we stayed in, the big television and the buffet breakfast. We had our whole day shopping spree at Allen Premium outlets. Daddy bought us some clothes, slippers, shoes and toys. It's our first shopping galore and out of town trip. It was really a new experience and a milestone for us. Thanks to tax refund that daddy got this year and he was able to treat us to vacation and shopping. I wish daddy will get more extra income so that we will be doing this trip more often. He said he is planning to invest or buy a stock someday and looking for a  penny stock watch list  and any other possible future investments so that he can able to bring us to a better vacation. I will surely pray for that coz I love going on a vacation!
That's all for now! Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

Hugs and kisses,

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