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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PF #8 Pink Swimming Suits

Hello there! My pink entry is here!
My swimming suits!

Summer is just starting here and I am enjoying it to the fullest. Mommy, my brother and I were always in the swimming pool in our community. But mommy keeps on complaining that it's very hot! Of course it is hot, coz it's summer eh! :D


Hugs and kisses,


  1. cute swimsuit:-)I'm trying to enjoy the summer here too...i hope i will..MY PINK FRIDAY HERE hope you can visit

  2. pretty swimsuits;)

    hope you can visit my entries too:

    hope to see you there!

  3. perfect.. summer na talaga:)

    my pf is up too:) see yah!

  4. hi there! Enjoy summer! It's been raining here already. Here is my PF post.And, hope you could join us this Saturday at the meme I'm hosting, Messy Go Round. Thanks and see you around!

  5. wow dami... si mommy lang naman ang reklamador eh.. hahaha... was here dear.. for PF..

  6. you have a cute and pretty swimsuits enjoy summer .. :) Its rainy season here na!

  7. wow! those are a lot of swimsuits! can my daughter borrow one? lol. those are really cuties!

    I have my pink entries waiting for your visit as well:
    House on the Rock
    Pink Hyacinth
    Thanks and see you! :)

  8. Cute swimsuits! You must have love swimming that much. In my adult age, I never had 3 swimsuits at a time. :D

    My Pink Fridays entry: Hello Patrick Star!

  9. WOW it seems your so ready with summer it also summer but my baby is just two months so i guess not much swim wear for her right. followed your blog hope you do the same.see ysh..

  10. Lovely!

    Late bloghopping for PF. would you mind peeking at my Pink Pixie? Thanks!


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