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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sitcoms for the Television Enthusiast

Contributed by Wallace Stafford
My family are all mad, tv mad that is. They can watch the television set whilst they sleep. We have seven television sets in the house and they are usually on constantly, even though there are only six of us in the house. We love watching Friends on Direct.TV and have come to love the characters in different ways. My wife loves Ross who is a dinosaur expert in the sitcom or a paleontologist as experts would call it. Apparently she would like to rub noses with him and give him a massage and spend her life being looked after by him. !
Friends has become a national institution with many generations watching re-runs of the best sitcom in the world. Ross is very funny for the children as his facial expressions and silly antics make him appear to be more approachable. The on and off relationship he has with Rachael is nothing short of a heart wrenching story. Their relationship troubles are not to dissimilar to my own, especially if the wife wants to run off with Ross. But if she does, I hope I will be left with the big television, that would break my heart if she took that.

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