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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011 I Need a Physical Examination

Dear Diary,

Mommy tole me about the upcoming school, I don't know but I changed my mind again and I feel like I don't wanna go to school again! Of course mommy said it can't be coz' I need to go to school.
Cherokee Maternity Wrap Top (Medical Scrubs) 2746CShe asked me to be prepared, two month to go and I am about to face new challenges and meet new friends. Next month mommy and daddy plan to bring us to a clinic ans they said my brother and I needs a physical examination. When I first heard clinic, I know there are doctors there. I don't know what's with physical examination but I am afraid coz that involves doctors and injections. But mommy said she's not sure if there's needle involved with the physical examination until we get there. Mommy said the doctors there might be wearing dora cherokee scrubs. I love the nurses and doctors wearing such uniforms. One time we went to San Lazaro Hospital to have my anti rabies injection, I was so afraid that time but when I saw the nurser there were wearing different cherokee work wear, it relaxes me and I forgot about the injection until my turn. Uniforms with a colorful design is really nice to me. 
I wish there's no injection involve in the physical examination.
Have a nice day ahead everyone!

Hugs and kisses,

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