My Birthday!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Pink Watches

PF #10
(I am trying to access Tita Rubz site to enter my late entry for Pink Fridays but it's not available so I think I will be sharing PINK WATCHES of mine next week.....) - written last week

My Pink Hello Kitty and Dora Watches

So there..I am sharing it now!!! My hello Kitty and Dora watches :)
DORA was bought my mommy and hello kitty was a birthday gift.

Hugs and kisses,


  1. What this watch will confer will be a greater sense of enjoying fashion simply with the ability to change a watch band to add a little something more.

    citizen watches

  2. Laikka have 4 pink watches too:)heehe

    mine is up Jes..see yah!

  3. Ang cute nmn ng pink watches mo..Pwede pahiram ng isa hehe..anyway visiting from PF hope you can visit me back, see you then..

  4. nice bday gift you got there! mine is here:

  5. I love the Dora Wacthes...gusto yan ng little girl ko.

    pls. visit my pink too:

  6. wow! cute pink watches you've got :)

  7. you surely want pinky stuff. my kids do but they change their color preference now. I still love pink and I am 40. haha

  8. cute little girl got the one in left, but its from her grandma! i'm sure you're very happy to get those. have a great weekend! :)


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